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Gas Piping Installation in Lincoln City

You can trust Cushman to work on your gas lines safely and effectively

Natural gas is still one of the best ways to cook and heat your property. Gas is cheap, safe, and plentiful. If you need gas piping installation in Lincoln City or repairs to your current gas lines, Cushman Heating & Sheet Metal is here to help!

We have decades of individual experience and have been serving the Lincoln City area since 2006. We’re fully licensed, certified, and insured. You can trust Cushman to work on your gas lines safely and effectively while ensuring you always enjoy a constant flow of natural gas to your home or business!

Call 541-996-3871 for efficient heating and cooling Repair. Contact us online to learn more about our heating and cooling services. We proudly serve customers across Oregon, including in Lincoln City, Otis, Newport, Depoe Bay, Neskowin, and Pacific City

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Lincoln City Trusts Cushman Heating & Sheet Metal

Our premium CSST system, TracPipe®, offers top-of-the-line features and is highly resistant to damage from natural events when installed correctly. We are proud to provide this innovative and high-quality option to our customers.

Always Hire Professionals for Gas Line Work

Gas line work is not for amateurs! Only allow certified professionals to handle your gas service and gas lines.

  1. Natural gas work is dangerous. Because natural gas is so flammable, it’s inherently dangerous to work with, and there’s a genuine risk of explosion. You need highly-trained professionals with the right tools and safety gear to do the work correctly.

  2. Natural gas work requires licensing. Unlike many types of home repair and improvement, any work on gas piping or gas fittings must be performed by legally-licensed specialists. It will also typically be inspected by local authorities afterward to ensure the work is up to code.

  3. Local gas specialists do better work. You won’t merely get excellent service when you hire local gas piping experts. They’ll be fully aware of the local laws and regulations and be able to guarantee the work they do will pass inspection.

Do You Smell a Gas Leak? Act Fast!

Natural gas includes a mercaptan chemical, which smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. This is so you can immediately know if there’s a gas leak. If you suddenly smell “rotten eggs” near your gas lines, you should immediately:

  • Evacuate all people and pets from the area.
  • Do not do anything involving fire, and immediately extinguish any flames, such as candles, that might be nearby.

  • Do not turn appliances on or off or plug/unplug electrical devices.

  • Call your gas company to report the problem. Use a phone which is well away from the leak for safety.

  • If necessary, call in gas piping specialists like Cushman Heating to do repairs.

Lincoln City Chooses Cushman Time After Time

Our long years of business experience have shown our ability to deliver results time and again for residents and SMBs all over Lincoln City. We can assist with your gas piping installation and repair, as well as numerous other heating, cooling, and sheet metal services.

If you need professional help with your gas service and gas lines, call 541-996-3871. You can also contact us online to learn more about our gas services. We are proud to serve customers in Oregon, including Lincoln City, Otis, Newport, Depoe Bay, Neskowin, and Pacific City.

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